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Arts Companies

During 1999 Export Incentives Pty Ltd was successful in obtaining a breakthrough ruling from Austrade, whereby Austrade now accept in certain instances, that losses incurred by arts companies such as dance companies and symphony orchestras in touring overseas markets, may be eligible for the Export Grant rebate.

Prior to this time, Austrade's policy had been that only the marketing cost of a performance would be eligible. Now provided it can be established that the purpose of the performance was to secure and build international markets for the longer term, then Austrade may accept the costs incurred in delivering the product to be eligible, subject to normal categories of expenditure that are excluded. If a performance is undertaken without charge as a free sample, Export Incentives has obtained a policy ruling whereby all the costs of the performance will qualify for the export grant. Based on this precedent ruling, Austrade have accepted applications by a number of the leading arts companies for whom Export Incentives acts.

Under amendments to the Export Grant Scheme, touring losses of performers and musicians, will potentially qualify for the 50% cash rebate available under the Export Grant Scheme. Previously overseas touring costs only qualified, where a group received no performance income.

The tour losses will be claimable based on the principles set out in the Public Policy Ruling 1999/2.