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AusTrade Dances To New Tune

A ground-breaking deal between the Sydney Dance Company and Austrade has opened up a vast new pool of resources for local arts companies to market themselves overseas.

Huge Grant: SDC Get In On The Act

The Sydney Dance Company has received a grant from Austrade that will allow it to develop overseas markets for its work.

Exporting Expertise Vital For Grants

Small businesses exporting their expertise into the Asian region could be missing out on thousands of dollars in government marketing assistance because they don't know they are eligible, or because they haven't structured their affairs in a way to satisfy Austrade grant eligibility requirements.

Export Marketing Grants Still On

Last month's Federal Budget held good news for small business exporters: The Export Market Development Grant scheme survived with minor changes.

Joint Ventures May Be Missing Out On Grants

Companies setting up joint ventures overseas may be missing on millions of dollars in export grants, although they may not plan on exporting anything more than their own expertise, according to a senior lawyer.

Guidelines For Joint Ventures Applying For Grants

Exporters of know-how have been warned  to take special care in drawing up joint venture contracts with overseas partners.