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Examples 1 & 2 of Public Policy Rulings 2001/1

  Public Policy Ruling 2001/1

Applicant travels from a regional centre in NSW to Sydney by bus and taxi on 1 July 2001 and, being required to leave for USA at 7am 2 July, stays at a Sydney airport hotel that night. Where the marketing visit is made for eligible purposes, Austrade will allow the bus and taxi fares of the traveller and will start the $200 per day calculation on 1 July, thus providing the EMDG support for the required overnight accommodation.

The above assessment principles will also apply in cases where a traveller lives in or near the city where the particular airport is located and where taxis, for example, are used. In the same way, Austrade will consider the international visit to commence when the applicant departs home to meet the international flight and to end when the traveller returns home, assuming that the travel to and from the airport is as direct as reasonable.

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